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The Basics of Waltz

Gerald Michael Shaw

With a successful career in the financial industry, Gerald Michael Shaw is a managing director of development and hedge funds, and a global compliance officer at Dominion Bank and Trust Company. In his free time, Gerald Michael Shaw enjoys spending time with his family, as well as practicing golf and ballroom dancing.

Originating in the European court dances of the 16th century, ballroom dancing is a type of social dancing performed by couples who follow prescribed steps when dancing in a ballroom. Among the standard ballroom dances are the polka and waltz, originated in the 19th century, and the two-step, fox-trot, and tango, in the 20th century.
Considered a romantic dance that gave origin to many present-day dances, the waltz was made famous by Johann Strauss. It consists of smooth and flowing movements, characterized by a basic movement of stepping backward or forward, stepping to the side, and taking a final step closing both feet together.
The waltz music is written in ¾ time, and during the three-step sequence the dancers must also travel around the line of dance. Other steps distinct to the waltz are the Hover Corte, whisk, and the hairpin.

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